Budynek ZEFIR at 16 Żabi Kruk Street

4-storey class B+ building

perfect location in Śródmieście (centre) of Gdańsk

easily accessible by car and means of public transport

service area on the ground floor and a representative hall

2 viewing terraces with a panorama of the Old Town and the Motława River

90 parking spaces

Offices to rent

Number Area Floor Projection
0.1 25m2 ground Send an inquiry
0.2 25m2 ground Send an inquiry
(Polski) 2.8 (Polski) 217,19m2 (Polski) 2 piętro Send an inquiry
(Polski) 3.1 (Polski) 1364,87m2 (Polski) 3 piętro Send an inquiry


Total area: 5493 m2